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Cop-R-Corners & End Dams

Advanced Building Products now has light gauge (5 oz.), pre-fabricated Cop-R-Corner and end dam assemblies that make flashing into masonry corners an easy one-step operation. More and more masonry contractors, builders, and architects are realizing the importance of simplifying flashing installation. The cost savings realized with pre-fabricated corners and end dams add up quickly, and the watertight integrity they provide is invaluable.


Universal, one size fits all. Height is adjustable for varying CMU joint heights with generous flange width to fit 1” or 2” cavity and varying exterior brick widths.

  • Adaptable standard 5 oz. copper weight that lasts the life of the structure.
  • Easy to handle and field trimmed to fit most any condition.
  • Saves valuable field fabrication time, resulting in significant cost savings, and assures that the job gets done right.