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Cop-R-Tite Mastic

This unique fibrated mastic was developed to insure the proper sealing characteristics of asphalt based laminated copper flashings. Cop-R-Tite flashing mastic is a compounded composition of asphalt, mineral stabilizers, and interfibe. It is manufactured to a trowel grade consistency, which will provide a durable, elastic coating highly resistant to weathering while providing excellent adhesion properties. Cop-R-Tite Flashing Mastic performs well over a wide range of temperature and weather conditions.

5-gallon pails / 36 pails per skid
30 oz. tubes / 20 per box / 36 boxes per skid
  • Boiling Point:  650ºF
  • Flash point and method: 110ºF
  • Solubility in water: None
  • Appearance: Black Paste
  • Cop-R-Tite Mastic Pails = 150 sq. ft. per pail
  • Cop-R-Tite Mastic Tubes = 4-8 sq. ft. per tube