Commercial Products

Mortar Deflection

Grout Catch

Grout Catch is a strong, lightweight, and economical polypropylene mesh screen that prevents mortar overflow and seepage from designated CMU block cores. The mesh design strengthens the bonding alliance of the mortar joint and also allows for greater bonding of the masonry anchor in hollow core construction.

Roll Length: 100 ft. (30.38 m) Roll Widths:
8 in. (20.32 cm) 10 in. (25.40 cm)
12 in.
8 in: 32 rolls per box / 896 rolls per skid
10 in: 16 rolls per box /448 rolls per skid
12 in: 16 rolls per box /448 rolls per skid
  • Deflects and suspends moisture droppings allowing moisture to drain from the wall assembly.
  • High strength mesh screen controls mortar overflow, minimizes mortar waste and cost.