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Moistseal® is a polyvinyl chloride sheet available in 20 and 30 mils. It will show no cracking or flaking when bent through 180 degrees over a 1/32″ mandrel and then bent at the same point over the same size mandrel in the opposite direction through 360 degrees. The material conforms to A.S.T.M. Standards D-822 for at least 400 hours. Strict quality control assures full weight and uniform thickness. (Recommended for concealed applications only. Moistseal® is a waterproofing membrane.)

Thickness: 20 & 30 mils
Roll Sizes:
20 mil: widths up to 60 in.  x 150 ft. long
30 mil: widths up to 48 in. x 100 ft. long
* Will slit to multiple widths.

Note: Moistseal, and any other PVC membranes, are not recommended for thru-wall masonry flashing by Advanced Building Products, Inc. or the Brick Institute of America.