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Mortar Deflection

Mortar Maze®


Mortar Maze is a full-cavity (1 inch or 2 inch), mortar deflection system that suspends mortar droppings on four separate levels within a masonry cavity wall.  This system helps to ensure that mortar droppings do not block the weep holes at the base of the cavity.  Mortar Maze stacks during shipment allowing for additional square footage per box.


Thickness:   1 in. (25.40 mm) or 2 in. (50.80 mm)
Width:   11 in. (27.94cm)
Length:   5 ft. (1.52 m)

Note: All Dimensions are nominal.

  • Unique configuration suspends mortar on four separate levels thereby maximizing the drainage capacity of the cavity wall.
  • 90% open mesh allows for proper air movement and drainage.
  • Does not require adhesives, fasteners, or special skills to install.
  • Patented design allows nesting of product for shipment providing more lineal footage per box or skid.
Base Wall Application