Cop-R-Corners and End Dams


Advanced Building Products now has a light gauge (5 oz.), pre-fabricated Cop-R-Corner and end dam assemblies that make flashing into masonry corners an easy one-step operation. More and more masonry contractors, builders and architects are realizing the importance of simplifying flashing installation. The cost savings realized with pre-fabricated corners and end dams add up quickly, and the watertight integrity they provide is invaluable.



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Copper Sealtite® 2000

Copper Sealtite® 2000 is the non-asphaltic version of our widely specified copper fabric flashing. Copper Sealtite was the first laminated non-asphaltic copper flashing to be patented and offered to the construction industry back in 1999.  Copper Sealtite is compatible with a wide variety of sealants and most air barrier systems on the market today.

Mortar Break® DT

Mortar Break® DT is our multi-level mortar deflection system for cavity wall construction that breaks up mortar on four different levels. For use at all cavity wall flashing locations. The molded polymer core geomatrix design allows moisture to seep down through any mortar droppings and weep out of the wall through mortar free weep vents.

Mortar Catch®

Mortar Catch® is a mortar deflection mat that is designed for use at all flashing locations where wide cavity (greater than 2 inches) construction is required. Mortar Catch®, when shaped in a “U” configuration on the job site, fills the entire cavity to prevent mortar droppings from blocking and clogging the drainage channels.