Ground Guard® RR


The GroundGuard® RR Root Reinforcement mat is an effective choice for securing plant roots in all types of erosion or wind prone areas. The tough nylon mesh has an open structure which makes it a perfect environment for soil and plants to embed and entangle; permanently securing plant roots in place.


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Advanced Drain® Green Roof

Advanced Drain® Green Roof is an effective and eco-friendly drainage composite tough enough to handle any roof top soil load. Its durable drainage core flexes under foot and lightweight traffic, leaving an open structure for maximum, multi-directional water flow. The heavy-duty polyester filter fabric lets water pass through, but keeps soil particles from clogging the core.

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Advanced Drain® VM is our multi-purpose drainage and ventilation mat used in a number of applications. These drainage composite mats consist of parallel geometric drainage channels backed with a nonwoven filter fabric designed to eliminate hydrostatic pressure from behind below grade foundation walls, retaining walls, and planters.

GroundGuard® VM

GroundGuard® VM is an eco-friendly growing mat designed for use with pre-vegetated systems requiring extra soil and root stability. Once the root system is established, you have a permanent solution for anchoring vegetation to facilitate transport and installation at the job site.